About cre8

cre8 is a collaborative partnership of creative individuals providing design services to educational, commercial, and public agency clients. cre8 was founded in Houston in 2003 by Jerry Bevel, George Watanabe, Susan L. Adkins, and Z. Mike Huang, specifically to provide innovative, environmentally sustainable architecture within an appropriate cultural and community context. Our culture is the realized dreams of our founding partners. We strive for design excellence for all projects, regardless of size or budget, and having fun at work is mandatory. Our relaxed atmosphere promotes creativity and fosters a spirit of collaboration that is evident in the wonderful relationships we enjoy with our clients.

Our Philosophy

We believe that innovative opportunities exist in every project regardless of size or budget, and we relish the process of going from idea to occupancy with our clients, providing them with solution-driven architecture that specifically addresses the unique needs and individuality of their projects.


cre8 is a full service architecture firm providing our clients with:

  • Architectural Design
  • Interior Design
  • LEED Design & Consulting
  • Site Planning & Master Planning
  • Programming & Space Planning
  • Facilities Evaluation
  • Additions & Renovations
  • Adaptive Reuse Solutions



  • State of Texas HUB Firm
  • City of Houston M/DBE Firm
  • Houston ISD M/WBE Firm
  • METRO SBE Firm
  • Port of Houston SBE Firm
  • City of Houston HHF



The foundation of cre8 is its partners, all of whom are highly experienced in our respective responsibilities. We possess executive level skills in architectural design, project management, construction documentation, quality assurance, construction administration and administrative operations. cre8's workforce provides unparalleled skills for the design and delivery of a variety of facility types. And we're fun to work with, too.

Jerry Bevel, AIA, REFP, LEED-AP•••Ring Leader

Jerry Bevel, AIA, REFP, LEED-AP•••Ring Leader

Jerry is our head honcho, our el grande queso, our fearless leader. He has 35+ years of experience in designing, managing and planning architectural projects. He's a Recognized Educational Facility Professional, our leader for sustainable design protocol, and facilitator of design charettes and end-user consensus building. Once you get to know him, you can't help but follow his lead.

George Watanabe, AIA, CEFPI•••Navigator

George Watanabe, AIA, CEFPI•••Navigator

George has 35+ years of experience navigating the project management process and is responsible for client and team communications, project organization and delivery, consultant coordination, and is the client's liaison with the general contractor. With George at the helm, your project will stay the course.

Z. Mike Huang, AIA•••Innovationist

Z. Mike Huang, AIA•••Innovationist

For 28+ years, Mike has been using clients' goals and budgets as inspiration for developing compelling architectural solutions. Mike's talent for designing appropriate facilities encompasses the needs and goals of his clients, the nuances of the site, community context and architectural statement. What this means is, he'll design something for you that you'll really like.


OK, so enough about our partners. Other cre8ers enthusiastically support the principals with imaginative and efficient design and technical skills for master planning, interior design, building information modeling (BIM), LEED design, programming & space planning, technical documentation, construction administration, and lots of other really important architecture stuff.